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Keeping you entertained while staying safe at home 


Stories are great for making drama.


They form the basis of lots of our lessons. We are going to give you some ideas for using stories actively and creatively in a ‘drama class at home’. Here at Arclight we love stories. As most of you know, we do a Pantomime every year in January, and we use fairy-tales, but tell them in a new way.


We are going to revisit the stories we have used. We will take a different story each time and try five different activities. You can do them all or just pick one or two. If you already know the story, you’re ready to get started. If not, you might have it to read at home, or you could look it up online.


The first Arclight Panto ‘Cinderella’ was in 2004, so scroll down to find Cinderella games!


This was our 2005 Pantomime – based on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. In the Arclight version, Jacqueline lives with her two Aunties, Auntie Freeze and Auntie Septic, and her cousin Goldilocks. Jacqueline finds magic beans which grow into a Beanstalk, goes up the beanstalk (having lots of adventures on the way) & meets a Giant and his son. She falls in love with the son and they run back down the beanstalk chased by the Giant, who promptly falls in love with Auntie Freeze and they have a big double wedding!! Scroll down to find activities based on this Panto!


In 2006, we staged ‘Sleeping Beauty’. This is such a classic fairy tale and a real old favourite. In our updated version, instead of a spinning wheel, Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger on a guitar string when she sneaks out to see a rock band called ‘The Little Devils’. Here are some Sleeping Beauty - themed activities for today.


We had great fun putting on The Gingerbread Man in 2007. This one had more funny Aunties; Auntie Ainsley & Auntie Harriet, and their triplet nieces Kimberly, Mikado and Coconut Cream. The Aunties bake a Gingerbread Man, Dougal, for their nieces but he comes to life and runs away. A nasty biscuit maker called Farrah Fox and her sidekick Jacob McVitie try to catch him to learn his recipe, but they are foiled by the triplets, who turn out to be Superheroes!! Enjoy these activities.


In this story, a miller’s son teams up with a talking cat, who helps him defeat an Ogre and marry the King’s daughter. The Arclight treatment saw three colourful witches in place of the Ogre, and a few crazy adventures along the way!!  Here are a few ideas to go with Puss in Boots.


Here are your five ideas for today:

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