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We want to make the return to face to face lessons as safe and enjoyable as possible. Obviously there are new protocols which must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety, but rest assured that we will do all we can to keep the atmosphere friendly & relaxed. 

  1. No child should attend class if they are showing symptoms of Covid; elevated temperature, sore throat, cough. 

  2. We ask parents/guardians to ensure children have washed/ sanitized their hands before class. 

  3. We will have hand sanitizer at the entrance to the studio and encourage everyone to use it coming in.

  4. Parents/guardians should drop children at the door & not come into the building. Please collect children on time as we will need the time between classes to clean. 

  5. No food or drink allowed. 

  6.  We will arrange the seating to facilitate distancing - children are asked not to move furniture. 

  7. Group sizes will be kept small to facilitate distancing. 

  8. If a child feels unwell or develops symptoms during class, the parent/guardian will be called immediately to collect the child. The child will be separated from the main class area & may be asked to wear a mask to protect other children. 

  9. Children will be reminded of distancing protocols at each lesson and activities will be adapted to allow for maintaining this.


What we will do:

  1. All chairs & tables, door handles & bathroom facilities will be wiped down thoroughly before & after each class. A more thorough clean will be completed at the end of each day.     

  2. We will have clear signs displayed around the studio & in the bathroom to remind students of hygiene recommendations. 

  3. We will have a supply of hand sanitizer at the door for everyone to use. 

  4. We will keep a small supply of masks & may ask a child who is feeling unwell to wear one for the protection of the group. 

No face to face situation is entirely risk-free. Despite our best efforts and strict adherence to cleaning and distancing protocols, there still remains a chance that we will have close suddenly. In the event that we have to close the studio or ask any particular class not to attend due to infection or a recommendation to isolate, we intend to operate any affected classes over Zoom for the period of isolation.  Where possible we will keep the timetable the same. Any changes like this will be communicated to parents as soon as we have the information. 

Contact Darragh: 087 951 3532

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