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Cinderella: Mime

Act out Cinderella’s everyday life!

Act out Cinderella’s everyday life. Cleaning (dusting, sweeping, building the fire) cooking (measuring, chopping, pouring, mixing), sewing. Think of all the different things she needs to do and work on showing them realistically. Think about how she is feeling and try to show that emotion on your face. Then, her Fairy Godmother appears. How does her face change? When she gets her beautiful dress, does it make her walk differently? Maybe she stands up straighter. Maybe she feels like dancing. Carry on to the ball and imagine meeting the Prince. Then you need to hear the clock strike twelve and run away. Back to sad Cinders! And finally, the happy ending. You can tell the whole story without saying a single word!! If you have siblings, maybe you could make a group mime.

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